Currently Based in NY

After being on the trading floor, brokering  500 Million

for Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Relief Fund in 2015,

Nicole reignited her passion for finance and


Since starting her first brokerage account with her

partner in 2018, she learned what it truly meant to see

stocks rise and fall, along with her capital.


In December of 2018 they increased their account 6000%  through option buys.  She wouldn't say it was luck, more like passionately watching the market and trends.

Now, four brokerages later, she's landed in the heart

of Wall Street.  Putting over 2M in capital into the hands of business owner's hands, she gained recognition in her company in just her first month on the floor.

In Fashion

Nicole's worked with a variety of high profile brands,

as well as graced the red carpet, winning two national

modeling competitions for New York Fashion Week

and Miami Swim Week, and finally Ms. New York

United States.


In New York, she's become a household name for fashion show celebrity interviews on the red carpet events. Participating as guest host of CBS Sports radio well as brand ambassador noteworthy brands like Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli and Balenciaga.


Known for her charm and graceful abilities;

she lights up all the way from the showroom

to the runway!